Get Your Free Trial of Our Award-Winning Platform, NB-AIR™

Simplify and Expedite Your Custom Media Formulation

We are thrilled to announce that NB-AIR has won the Fierce Life Sciences Innovation Award in the Data Analytics/Business Intelligence category. NB-AIR is a first-of-its-kind cloud-based AI platform for cell culture media configuration, based on peer reviewed articles and community research.

To celebrate, we are offering a free 60-day trial to those who sign up between today and December 31, 2021. To get started, complete the form and one of our Customer Success Specialists will get you set up; we are also happy to provide you with an overview tutorial to demonstrate the value that NB-AIR can add to your cell-based research.

NB-AIR uses proprietary algorithms to simplify the process of designing and optimizing your custom media formulation in MINUTES.


  • AI-guided media formulation
  • Leverages peer-reviewed research to identify high-value compounds and their effect on cell performance
  • Offers multiple instant custom formulations based on your cell type and Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs)
  • Import and order directly in NB-Lux™, our custom media configurator

Improve the performance of your cell and gene therapy while reducing the time it takes to get these to patients. Simplify custom media formulation and accelerate your research, today!