Improved Human Islet Function and Survival with zIF™ Xeno-free, cGMP Human Serum Replacement Application Note


Gregory L. Szot, University of California San Francisco, Division of Transplantation



Beta cell replacement of allogeneic islets for type 1 diabetes is an accepted, minimally invasive process. However, stress due to islet processing and culture can reduce functional success. Conventional islet culture media, CRML-1066 plus 0.2% human serum albumin (HSA), is minimally effective at reducing islet stress or supporting islet recovery and function. In this study, we test a cGMP human islet factor supplement, zIslet Factor (zIF™) (Catalog No. 10233), in both in vitro islet function and survival assays under the stressor of time. Our preliminary data demonstrates zIF supplemented media improved islet Glucose Stimulated Insulin Secretion (GSIS) after 7 and 14 days of culture while stabilizing islet viability and islet loss.