Intelligent Media Formulation Using Machine Learning (3)-1


AI webinar launch_1.28.21


The 3rd webinar in our education series will focus on how Artificial Intelligence can expedite media formulation and speed the time into the clinic.  This is truly a breakthrough in enabling scientists to optimize and control their media.    

In Webinar 1 we explored how custom media, and even one component change, can improve your cell potency.  In Webinar 2, we showed how custom media is actually more cost-effective than using Proprietary Off-The-Shelf (POTS) media with similar development cycles. 

In this webinar, we'll teach you about NB-AIR™, the first-of-its-kind, AI platform for media formulation based on peer-reviewed articles. We’ll discuss:

  • How machine learning can optimize cell performance by a meta-analysis of ~75M scientific publications looking for relevant compounds that are proven to impact critical quality attributes (CQAs).
  • Demonstrate how NB-AIR gives you the ability to create a formulation based on your desired CQAs and the latest peer-reviewed articles. Instead of using POTS media with an unknown formulation that is a decade old, you leverage the latest peer-reviewed science. 
  • How these formulations can be transferred directly to NB-Lux™ our cloud-based portal for real-time quotes, ordering, and tracking of formulations.  You can order lot sizes from 2L- 2000L. 
  • These tools will finally allow therapy providers to own the IP on media, a critical component in their ecosystem.  Media is a competitive advantage in your therapy development. 

Breathe new life into your cells with NB-AIR™. 

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